Past. Present. Future.

It is so hard to see your loved ones deteriorate before your eyes. It's hard to see your loved ones...the ones you grew up with....who protected need your protection, love and understanding. It's hard to see them loose their personality and strength.

Life is cyclical and if your fortunate you will see the patterns. Seeing my loved ones change in such a way, is a reminder that life is so fragile.

And every moment is important.

Spending time with these individuals who made such a strong impact throughout my life, is just a reminder that their is a God. A God who created each individual and planned their life out in its entirety. I am reminded daily that we don't know the plan. It's in these moments that I spend with my older loved ones...that I realize what is so pressing and important in my life...becomes minutiae.

As humans we spend our lives searching for purpose. Some of us find it....and some don't. But in the end we will all end up needing someone else's protection, love and understanding.

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