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As a graphic specialist at IKEA in Woodbridge, VA, I was tasked to create several large installations projects that would highlight different informative concepts.

The first concept was to create a space that displayed IKEA’s “3 Ways to Take it Home” campaign. The installation was a 12-panel interior wall that instructed customers on 3 easy services that focused on transporting purchased items from the store to the customers home.

The "Here You Go" campaign, was a fun internal project that recognized and visually showcased diversity in the IKEA culture. Designed to engage the employees, the installation encouraged them to showcase their countries and nationalities on the map. This became a visual representation of the diverse makeup and culture of IKEA Woodbridge, while demonstrating IKEA's mission and values: "IKEA is a value driven company, committed to high ethical standards and humanistic values. This is what makes up our living IKEA culture."

Both wall installations were assembled by applying vinyl lettering, printable laminate, and 3D objects.

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