Reference No. 1

I am delighted to write a recommendation on behalf of Natasha Gilliam. I have known Natasha for the past 6 years, as a co-worker in the Communications & Media Department of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, MD.

As the sole graphic designer in this department, Natasha has responsibility for the design, layout and publication of weekly, monthly and occasional materials for all 12 ministries of the church. Natasha ably and patiently teaches support staff like myself, and trains volunteers of varied ages, backgrounds, skills and abilities. Her hard work and commitment to excellence ensures that deadlines are always met and publications are of a high standard.

Natasha is multi-talented, highly motivated, and continues to develop in her field. She is caring and respectful to everyone with whom she interacts, and is well liked. I have no hesitation in recommending her and I am confident that she will be a success in whatever capacity she is employed.

Shelley Vaughan-Hospedales

Media Assistant

Fourth Presbyterian Church

Bethesda, MD

Reference No. 2

This is a letter of recommendation and commendation for Natasha Gilliam. I have worked with Natasha for over 6 years and have directly supervised her for the past 6 months.

As a Pastor employed at a large church in the DC area for over 21 years, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of employees. Within that group, I have found many that I can commend. Natasha is definitely one of these people.

Natasha inherited a position that was underutilized within the life of the church. She took her position to new heights and advanced her craft as well as our designs. She has established a ‘brand’ within the life of the church which previously was not there. She has redesigned our weekly bulletins as our ministry has grown and changed. She has helped move our church into the digital age with an improved online presence as well as TV graphics throughout the church. She has aided in developing a publications policy manual.

Natasha is a team player. She provided aide in many areas outside of her job description. She is dedicated to her work and is not just punching the time clock. She works hard and she is able to get things done. She also thinks outside the box – not settling for the status quo but looking to improve/advance the church. Natasha Gilliam has my highest recommendation. Thank you for your time.

Corey V. Gray

Pastor of Administration

Fourth Presbyterian Church

Bethesda, MD

Reference No. 3

I have had the honor of working with Natasha outside the context of our regular jobs. Natasha is a thoughtful talent who is also a decisive, strategic manager who knows how to motivate those around her.

Haven Umstead

Group Insurance Benefits Researcher

Xerox Corporation

Cary, NC