Hello, My Name is Natasha

and I am a problem-solver.

Team Management

  • Assemble and manage project teams, remove obstacles that ensure work is delivered on time and within budget.
  • Ensure teams are achieving milestones, while achieving brand integrity with every decision.
  • Serve as liaison between project leads and stakeholder both internally and externally.
  • Maintain clear and effective communication throughout the project timeline.

Branding & Design

  • Designed various promotional branding packages and conceptualized marketing campaigns for various clients.
  • Create strategic marketing campaigns for events, symposiums and conferences.
  • Identify opportunities for growth and implement successful strategies.
  • Create a mission driven branding narrative disseminated through multiple media channels.
  • Develop a communication policy to ensure clear directional and brand consistency throughout the organization.



  • Mentor and train employees to ensure efficient processes.
  • Develop strategic work plans through analysis and future planning, resulting in a comprehensive outline and culture for continued growth.
  • Streamline organizational procedures to remove obstacles and help foster an environment of efficiency.

What makes me unique?


The combination of design & business.

15-year creative career with a background in design and degree in business, focused on problem solving and developing targeted solutions for various clients. Bridging the gap between client request and creative solutions is second nature to me! In my current day-to-day roles, I move fluidly and effectively between being a leader and a team player and understand how to motivate teams in both scenarios.

My Work

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E-mail me: designerng@gmail.com